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At Tom Noble Law, we understand that c hild custody can be an emotionally charged and contentious issue. After all, we expect parents to want to spend as much time as possible with their children. We expect parents to want to be involved in their child’s upbringing, to want a say in the important decisions that affect their child’s life.For more information or to ask questions of an attorney, you may attend one of the regular custody clinics offered in Legal Aid of north carolina offices across the state. The Judge will look at all the information affecting the child's life to child custody clinic. legal aid of North Carolina’s free child custody clinic teaches participants how to file a child custody action in court without an attorney. We will also discuss visitation. We provide a packet with legal documents and an instructional video.Experienced Guilford County Child Support Lawyer. To discuss the specifics of your case in a consultation at our Greensboro offices, contact Guilford County child custody and support lawyer, Rebecca Perry, at Greensboro Family Law, online or call 877-509-6616.Get the best and trusted child custody lawyer on your team and help you win the toughest cases on the planet. With more than 40+ years of experience in Family law our team is here for you. If you.For compassionate and skilled family law representation in North Carolina, turn to Culbertson and Associates, PLLC. Our experienced attorneys handle all family law-related matters, including legal.More than 12 years since Miraglia completed the drug-treatment program of Luzerne County Treatment Court, the young lawyer.Dummit Fradin practices criminal defense, family law, immigration law, and DWI defense. Speak with an attorney in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or High Point.. We are well-versed in all approaches and offer effective solutions regardless of the type of case we're. Experienced Lawyers Accepting Cases in North Carolina.Child Custody Attorney in Greensboro, N.C. Issues of child custody are often very sensitive and filled with emotion. Children cannot be divided like property or debt and their health and well-being, above all other concerns, are most likely the parents’ chief priority.[gmaps src=]

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KRISPEN CULBERTSONSENIOR PARTNERMr. Culbertson has 26 years of legal experience and is a widely recognized Federal and State court litigator. He has achieved not guilty verdicts in three first degree murder jury trials, a rare and difficult accomplishment for a lawyer.Examples Of Krispen Culbertson In The News:Jury Acquits Man in murdertwo houlton teens Appear in Court on Murder ChargesExample Federal Appeal Case:SEC v. ElfindepanIn addition, he has won several trials in Federal Court in North Carolina. He is one of the elite percentage of attorneys that has a case reported in Federal Law Reports – the large law books that contain the controlling federal case law of the United States, and one of his federal trials is mentioned in two separately published books. Mr. Culbertson practices appellate law on both State and Federal levels, and is a member of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, where he has appeared in person in oral arguments four times.He was educated in law at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and at Oxford University in England. Krispen Culbertson has handled over 3,000 cases in the Federal and State courts of north carolina. krispen has recently reoriented his practice to bring his trial experience to the area of International Family Law – with a special emphasis on International Child Custody and International Child Abduction, in which his trial skills invariably prove useful.


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