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Best service I’ve ever had. Quick, easy, and friendly people. I waited less time than I would have if I went to the ER and paid way less than if I went to the ER. they gave me vitamins and nausea medication and pain medication. I will never go to anyone else for hydration. I seriously can’t wait to use AZ IV Medics again.IV Therapy Straight To Your Home. Get an on-demand drip loaded with vitamins & medicines for quick relief, brought right. The future of healthcare is mobile!Mobile IV therapy in Omaha and Phoenix! Whether you are trying to treat or prevent illness, or perhaps just partied too hard –Have on of our RN’s come to you.A mobile intravenous nutritional therapy service, VitaSquad combines the medical advancements of the Booster IV series with the convenience of door-to-door service to you. Appointments can be made up to two hours in advance for 25-35 minute sessions available anywhere in Miami-Dade County.Created by a team of industry leaders looking to change how patients are cared for by putting discretion and quality first. The I.V. infusion treatments offered are not only the highest quality but can be customized based on each individual’s needs.Our intravenous hydration infusions can restore hydration, replenish the body’s store of vitamins and minerals, boost your health and help detoxify the body. It is also designed to speed up your body’s recovery process and provide a sense of relief from symptoms of dehydration, hangovers, and over committed athletes.HydroPros is a division of Mobile Healthcare Solutions LLC, focused on the emerging market of IV Hydration Therapy, vitamin injections, and other intravenous specialties. We currently serve all over the state of Texas. Our amazing services and products, which you would usually find in a hospital, are just one phone call away.Vida-Flo can help improve your life in so many ways. The intelligent choice of adding IV Hydration, with a direct infusion of vitamins & antioxidants combined with pure Oxygen is a smart addition to any consistent, healthy regimen. Our medically proven therapies treat symptoms caused by a number of recurring illnesses.

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